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A pay-as-you-go solution for automated systems refers to a payment model where customers only pay for the services they use, rather than paying a fixed fee upfront. This model is commonly used for cloud-based software and services, including automated systems. In the context of automated systems, a pay-as-you-go solution typically involves a third-party provider offering a software platform that automates certain business processes. The provider charges customers based on the number of transactions, volume of data processed, or other metrics that reflect the usage of the automated system. Customers can sign up for the service and access the automated system through a web-based interface or an API. They are typically charged for the resources consumed by the system on an ongoing basis, such as the number of API requests or the amount of data stored. One of the key benefits of a pay-as-you-go solution is that it allows businesses to scale their usage of the automated system up or down as needed, without having to commit to a fixed fee or contract. This can be especially useful for businesses with fluctuating demand or seasonal cycles. Overall, a pay-as-you-go solution for automated systems provides a flexible and cost-effective way for businesses to automate their processes without having to invest in expensive infrastructure or software upfront.

A Quepay device is required for this solution, check the about page for pictures. The integration of the Quepay device with the pay-as-you-go platform and app would typically involve setting up a communication protocol between the device and the platform. This may involve using an API or SDK provided by the solution provider to enable the device to send data to the platform and receive instructions from it.

No, you cannot use your own hardware device, you need to purchase one specifically for this solution.

Vending machines, automated dispensers and paid-access control systems.

Yes, our team has considered user experience is smooth for all our apps both the web app and android app.

For the best solution cost please click on request for quote button at the homepage.

No, there are no hidden fees or charges associated with this solution.

We have a dedicated hardware and installation team that handles device installation and configuration. We do not allow client self installation of the solution.

Yes, our customer and technical support is always on standby incase of any client enquiries and help.

There are several measures we have taken to ensure the security and privacy of your data when using our solution. Here are a few of them:

1. Encryption: Data transmitted between your device and our solution provider is encrypted using secure protocols such as SSL/TLS to protect it from interception and unauthorized access.

2. Access control: We have robust access control measures in place to ensure that only authorized personnel can access your data. This includes authentication mechanisms such as passwords, multi-factor authentication, and role-based access control.

3. Data privacy policies: We have clearly defined data privacy policies that outline how they collect, store, use, and share your data. We have also provided you with clear information about your rights and options when it comes to your data.

4. Regular security assessments: We regularly conduct security assessments and audits to identify and address potential vulnerabilities in their systems and processes.

5. Transparency: We are transparent about our security and privacy practices, and we are willing to answer any questions you may have about how your data is being handled.

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