About QuePay

Simplifying IoT Payments

A pay-as-you-go hardware solution for automated systems e.g vending machines, automated dispensers and paid-access control systems.

QuePay is a solution which incorporates two hardware versions, an embedded one and a handheld one, a web platform for the merchant to track payments and sensor data if any and a mobile application for the user to know where they spent their money and to top up their NFC cards.

The hardware incorporates popular payment APIs to process the payment via NFC cards tap to pay, scannable QR codes to pay or sending a direct prompt to the user phone to authorize the payment via USSD or app. The embedded version plugs in to the main hardware system to actuate whichever activity was required be it dispensing milk or opening the gate for a vehicle to access parking. The hand held model can be used in ticketing event for example Metro fare payment or event ticket purchase and verification.

Alongside the hardware we provide a detailed platform for the merchant to track real time updates on revenue collection and sensor data should there be any.

We also have built a mobile application for the user to track their payment and manage their NFC cards, tags or wearable. These will be issued to the user upon registration

We were keen on incorporating existing popular payment APIs so as to ease adoption.

Why we built QuePay

Most hardware systems rely on employees to verify payment so that a process can be initiated for example in a Milk-ATMs, while others like vending machines rely fully on cash. Use of mobile money within the continent and especially Kenya is very widely adopted and APIs for these technologies are readily available.

These hardware systems need to be running 24/7 without the need for human assistance. We understood that there had to be a more seamless and efficient way to manage this while reducing employee fraud for the merchant. Ticketing on the other hand is also currently still fully handled by event or Public transport employees in a process which is prone to loss of funds for the business owner and we believe that this solution can tackle.

Our target market spans anyone who owns automated hardware systems and any on-site payment which can be automated. There is also a transition by most countries including Kenya to greener public transport means for example Electric BRT buses that are encouraged to offer cashless payment modes. QuePay is a great solution for this use case

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Simplifying IoT Payments

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